This is a constantly updating page as I buy new new gear and try new backpacking methods.  Over the course of some time it will reflect my evolution in my backpacking gear.  I wish I started this record a few years ago when I carried about 35 pounds baseweight on my hike of the Long Trail.  The baseline for this page (Summer 2013) is an already highly modified and lightweight list that can’t get much lighter (with my budget).  Nonetheless, changes will be tracked here.

Summer 2013 Gear List – 10.03 Pound Base weight.

This is the gear list I used for my backpacking trips in Summer of 2013.  I have replaced a few items which will be reflected in an updated chart.

Shoes Cascadia 7 24
Hiking Socks Thinythin Darn Toughs 1.11
Hiking Pants REI Endeavors 13.4
Shorts w/ Liner MH Refueler 3.85
Long Sleeve Shirt Icebreaker Bodyfit 200 8
Sun Hat OR Sun Cap 2.8
Glasses w/String Smiths with string case 1.88
Bandana 1.11
Knife Opinel #7 1.3
Total Gear Worn (oz) 57.45
Total Gear Worn (lbs) 3.590625
Clothing Carried
Insulation Layer Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody 14
Rain Coat Driducks 5.7
Rain Pants Driducks 4.1
Wind Shirt Stoic Wraith 2.5
Beanie columbia omni 1.39
Mossie Headnet 0.78
Gloves Outdoor Designs Summit Lite 2.9
Total Clothing Carried (oz) 31.37
Total Clothing Carried (lbs) 1.960625
Backpack HMG 2011 SW 25
Pack Liner GG Liner 1.2
Stuff Sack A Zpacks For food 1.2
Stuff Sack B Zpacks For Dinky 0.1
AlokSak 1.2
Total Packing (oz) 27.4
Total Packing (lbs) 1.7125
Cook Kit Trail Designs Caldera Keg F System 6.3
Spoon Snowpeak Titanium Spork 0.6
Mini Bic 0.4
Fuel Not included in base weight. 0
Total Cookware (oz) 7.3
Total Cookware (lbs) 0.45625
Shelter/Sleep System
Shelter SMD Gatewood 11
Bug Net SMD 8
Ground Sheet GG Polycro 1.6
Stakes w/ case MSR 2.9
Sleeping Bag Mountain Hardware 30 degree 31
Sleeping Pad Womens Neo Air Thermorest 11
Pillow FlexAir Pillow 0.5
Sleeping Socks timberland midweight 2.4
Total Shelter (oz) 68.4
Total Shelter (lbs) 4.275
2 1L water bottles Gatorade and smart water 3.1
Map Nat Geo full size
Compass Suunto A10 0.95
First Aid Kit Basic + Epipen extra Benadryl list below 3.5
Bear Hang Kit Lawson Dyneema Wire + zpacks rock sack 50′ Rope 2
Headlamp 0.98
Toothbrush Travel Size 1/2 size 0.12
Toothpaste Dots
Total Essentials (oz) 10.65
Total Essential (lbs) 0.665625
“Dinky Stuff”  All in the Dinky Bag
Water Treatment AquaMira 2.3
Hydropel Repackaged 0.35
Soap Dr. Bronners Repackaged 0.58
Powder Anti-Monkey Butt Repackaged 0.25
Bug Stuff Repackaged 0.25
Hand Sanitizer Repackaged 0.33
Matches Regular Matches 0.12
Extra batteries For headlamp 0.19
Sun Block SPF 45+ Repackaged 0.62
Chap Stick Lip Armor SPF 25 0.34
TP 0.7
Notebook w/ Pen wrapped in Duct Tape
ResQLink 4.6
First Aid Kid 3
Total Dinky Stuff (oz) 13.63
Total Dinky Stuff (lbs) 0.851875
Total Base weight (oz) 160.05
Total Base weight (lbs) 10.003125

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